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ABC's What Would You Do? (Birth Control)

Imagine going to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Sitting in the waiting area and reading the newspaper, you suddenly hear an unusual conversation between a young girl and a pharmacist at the counter. Could it be? Is the pharmacist really refusing to fill that young girl's birth control prescription because of "moral issues"?

Marlee Roberts, the actress hired by ABC News, had a young and innocent look that ABC News emphasized by dressing her in a conservative private-school girl's uniform. She also arrived at the pharmacy counter with no parents or guardians in tow.

As she asked the pharmacist to fill her birth control prescription and he refused, she acted more and more anxious and inquisitive. The pharmacist rebutted with, "You have a couple of choices: abstinence and abstinence. That would be my suggestion. ... Quite frankly, your doctor is completely irresponsible. She's giving you a license to have sex. ... I answer to a higher authority and I'm not going to give you the prescription. Not on my watch."

This is a little old, but I got into a huge "What would you do"? binge this afternoon, watching clips on the internet.
This one: http://bit.ly/dqkiLi about what people will do witnessing a pharmacist refusing to dispense HBC pills to a teenager depressed me a little, to be honest. Way too many people either seem to agree with the pharmacist, or to disagree yet stay silent when they witness such practices. And this was in NJ too, not exactly the heartland of religious fanaticism (or a place where I'd expect people to actually support professionals pushing their personal morals upon others) . :/ I can only imagine how much more prevalent these beliefs may be in other areas.

I hope this encourages all VPers to ever speak up if they were to witness something like this in the real world!
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