justforfunyo (justforfunyo) wrote in vaginapagina,

Considering NHBC bc of low sex drive and side effects - Opinions

Hey VP,

I am looking for some personal experiences here. I have been on the pill in various forms (ortho-tricycline, yaz, lo estrin, and Femcon) for many years but I have never gotten the perfect level. Tri-phasic pills seem to make me break out with acne but the monophasic pills absolutely murder my sex drive and completely dries me out to the point where no lube can salvage the moment. I'm currently on Femcon, which seems to be a medium of everything else. I break out right before my period but from a lubrication stand point it is much more manageable. Does anyone know what sort of hormone combination could solve both problems?

I have also been considering just doing an IUD but I have had bad periods before being on HBC and am afraid of my periods getting worse on the non-hormonal BC but I am hesitant to spring for the Mirena since that is long term and has the potential for not solving any of my side effects.

Any input is fabulous :)
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