alita dot org (alitaorg) wrote in vaginapagina,
alita dot org

Recommendation for a support group for formerly-molested people?

Hey guys - a downer sort of question, but I'm hoping some of you can give me a little of your know-how.

I'm looking for a support group - online or real life - for adults who were molested as kids. This happened nearly twenty years ago to me, but I'm still seeing possible repercussions of the events in my love life and in general.

I've never gone to an actual psychologist's session - only counselors at other times and for other things - and right now I can't afford a psychologist OR a counselor. So I'm looking for something a little more informal (and preferably free) but supportive. I live in the NYC area, and am open to a real-life support group as well as something online.


Thanks =)
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