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Hello Everyone,

I recently posted about my sister in law, but now I have a question I would like to ask you. I'm eighteen years old, and I've never had a pap before. One, I'm a virgin. Two, I'm also a lesbian, but my primary is determined for me to get one before continuing my birth control.

I'm on birth control because I have PCOS, and my periods are extremely painful, also my OBGYN thinks that it will help to shrink some of the cyst I have on my ovaries. My OBGYN is well aware of my sexual orientation, and she is a total sweet heart, but my primary is male and doesn't believe me when I say I need birth control for my condition. I also take metformin, but that is prescribed by my endocrinologist. My question to you is, do I really need a pap if I've never had sex?

Another question is concerning my OBGYN, while she is super nice, we've only ever discussed my medical condition. We've never had a reason to speak about sex, but there was an article I was reading at Autostraddle titled 'Why Are Gay Ladies So Afraid of the Gynecologist?' and it talks of how women can contract/pass on HPV as well as other STD's from the women they are sexually active with. This really surprised me, as immature as is makes me sound, I had no idea. So, my other question to you all would be, how do I bring up safe sex with the same sex with my OBGYN?

Any advice would be so helpful, thank you in advance!
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