onlyforever10 (onlyforever10) wrote in vaginapagina,

Iron in vitamins

This isn't exactly vagina related, so please let me know if it doesn't belong here. But it is about women's health!

I want to start taking a vitamin supplement again because I don't get all the nutrients that I need from what I eat (I know, I should eat better, but I don't, so this will help get the vitamins I'm missing).

However, I have a Mirena IUD so I don't get a period. I wanted to take a supplement especially for women (I was leaning towards Alive brand because it is natural and has lots of vitamins and minerals in it from fruits and vegetables). The women's supplement has cranberry (which I really want because I'm prone to UTIs). But most of the women supplements have iron in them.

So, since I'm not having a period, is it probably not a good idea to take the ones with iron? I can get no-added-iron ones, but they're not the ones especially for women, therefore don't have the added cranberry and specialty vitamins for bone and breast health, etc.

I guess I could just take the regular no-iron ones and just ADD a cranberry supplement, but I travel and lot and would PREFER (if possible) to have to carry around the least amount of pills as possible.

So any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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