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Smegma Removal?

So...I noticed a few days ago that I was having some weird clitoral pain/pressure sensations. I have vulvar vestibulitis, so I was worried that I might be developing vulvodynia as well. However, this afternoon I sat in front of the mirror, pulled back my clitoral hood a bit, and saw two small white chunks of stuff, I'm assuming smegma, stuck on my clitoris way back where the clitoris and hood meet. I tried to pick it away and sprayed water from a squirt bottle at it, but the damn stuff isn't moving. I'm guessing that this is the cause of my pain, since it's all on the left side and it's the left side of my clit that seems to hurt.

How on earth do I get rid of this stuff? Do I have to see a gyn and have them remove it? Or will it just clean itself up on its own if I leave it? Or is there some method for removal that won't be excruciating?

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