scarsxnxstories (scarsxnxstories) wrote in vaginapagina,

antibiotics and hbc

This might seem very silly, but i have a question about an acne cream i've been prescribed and my birth control

I'm on Alesse right now. I've recently started using a topical acne cream called Benzaclin - one of the active ingredients is Clindamycin (there are 10mg in 50g of cream... it says 1% beside the ingredient). I know that using oral antibiotics while taking birth control pills can decrease the effectiveness and that kind of concerns me. Is the same true for topical antibiotics in such small doses? The jar lasts about 2-3 months and i use it twice a day on my face. Apparently this medication can be absorbed into the bloodstream, so that's why I'm a little nervous.

Am I correct in thinking that the incredibly small dose means that the effectiveness isn't compromised? i have no problem using condoms while i'm using this cream (and for the time being my SO and I do use condoms as well), but if a slip up were to occur I'd like to know how to react or if to worry.

Tags: drug-interactions, hormonal-birth-control
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