onlyforever10 (onlyforever10) wrote in vaginapagina,

3 day course of antibiotics for a UTI?

I've noticed that some people have posted that they have gotten a 3 day course of antibiotics for UTIs, so I did some research and some studies say that longer than a 3 day course isn't really necessary.

However, since I became sexually active, I'd had about 10 or so UTIs (in the last 2 years). I was ALWAYS prescribed a 7 or 10 day course. This has been different doctors and different types of antibiotics. I've been on Macrobid, Cipro, Bactrim, Keflex, Augmentin...pretty much everything, and I've always gotten a week or more course. And this has been from very mild UTIs (one or two I didn't even have symptoms yet, but I was tested because I was already at the doctors and I'd been having a string of them) to very, very bad UTIs (the worst I was peeing pure, opague red blood).

So my question is: Has anyone been prescribed only a 3 day course of antibiotics for a UTI? If so, what kind of antibiotic was it? I wonder if it is only certain ones.

Thanks so much for any help!!
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