estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

Weird smell, discharge, no infections?

Is it ever normal for your vagina to have a weird smell and be itchy/sore for a week or so while having nothing technically wrong? I was totally sure I had a yeast infection or BV last week so I went to get it swabbed and the results came back clear. In the 3 days it took the nurse to call me with the results, it seemed to clear up on its own. I had had a little bit of tacky white discharge which made me think YI but apparently not. I had the same issues before Christmas, and I've had these issues many times without going to the doctor so I don't know if I did have anything or not because it seems to go away on its own. I would be worried about herpes, but the nurse didn't seem to think it was that, and also I've been having these symptoms for years, since long before I was sexually active. I remember being really self conscious as a teenager about this weird smell I'd get sometimes, or slightly swollen labia, or discharge, but the few times I plucked up the courage to see the doc, the results were clear. Is this normal?
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