hoaxful (hoaxful) wrote in vaginapagina,

15 day period

 I've had my Paragard for 4 months, and have been tracking my cycles (average period has lasted 5 days with 27 day cycle).  Four weeks ago, I went back on HBC (Seasonique, which I have taken in the past) and I started the Sunday after my period (I still have my Paragard inserted).  My period started 2 weeks in, and I have now had it for 15 days straight.  It's not heavy anymore, but definitely more than spotting and is bright red.  I don't have any cramping.  My period is technically due this week.  I've checked my strings, and everything looks fine.
I'm kind of at my wit's end - I'm tired of dealing with bleeding everyday.  I plan to see my doctor this week, but just wanted to know if this was normal for going back on the pill at all? Is it just the hormones?  I've never had an overly long period before but it just feels like it's never going to stop.
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