eviesales (eviesales) wrote in vaginapagina,

Nuvaring experience

Well this week will be the end of my first cycle of nuvaring.

Pros - don't feel it at ALL! I was so worried that I would feel but i totally forgot i even had it in!
I'm happy to switch from Ortho Evra patch too because it has a lot less estrogen, which will help me feel better since my grandma had breast cancer and i didn't want to increase my risks.

Bad - Vaginal irritation.It's off and on but the worst is when my vagina is irriated when urinating! Makes me worry that i have a UTI but i highly doubt it, especially since it's not every day. I read that nuvaring cause cause irritation during peeing.
Also i have more discharge and its...yellow! Again it didnt smell funny and this change happened after the nuvaring was in me for a few days so i doubt its an infection.

In your experiences, do these changes stop, become less frequent, how long did it take etc.

Thanks for any advice on nuvaring!
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