kelseylites (kelseylites) wrote in vaginapagina,

low cervix?

 So here's my issue... normally i can reach my cervix with my pointer finger in to the top of my knuckle at it's lowest point and I have to reach pretty far to touch it at it's highest point. (I've been checking cervical positions for a few months now, so yes, i know what my cervix feels like.) A few days ago I went exploring only to find that my cervix is sitting only about an inch from my vaginal opening!! It really freaked me out at first. I can run my finger around my entire cervix. Also, another strange thing, my cervix is sitting on the top (closest to my belly button) and it feels like my vagina goes back a lot farther after my cervix. From the basic anatomy that I know, I don't really see how this is even possible? I know the cervix likes to be all over the place throughout the month, but I feel like this is a little extreme. So basically i'm just wondering if this is something to be concerned about or if i just need to relax and let it do it's thing. Basic info,  I just started Trivora birth control about 4 months ago, i am 21 years old and in good health (other then being told I have HPV a few months ago, still unofficially diagnosed.) Any suggestions or help would be amazing!! 
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