Take it, Bitch! (tealighttrees) wrote in vaginapagina,
Take it, Bitch!

First Gynecology Appointment

Hey folks,

So earlier this week, my doctor told me I need to come in for a gynecological exam next month. I am 22, and have been sexually active for 2 years, so I know I'm due. The thing is, I am absolutely terrified. Not scared or anxious, downright terrified. I feel sick to my stomach, shaky, and panicky when I even think about it.

My doctor (and the one who will be doing the exam) is a female, so at least that's a bit less awkward. What else can I do to get myself to calm the heck down about this? And what can I do to prepare? I am pretty natural "down there" right now -- should I trim up a bit? I googled all this stuff, but it's all really kind of clinical examples of what will happen and what not.. can anyone share with me their actual experience the first time they went to an obgyn?

Thank you!
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