Demi (the_demiurges) wrote in vaginapagina,

How do you deal with your boobs?

Hello all :) This is directed to the more well-endowed of VPers.

I'm sixteen years old and since about 8th grade have had US cup size D boobs. I'm a petite girl, only 5' 2" and quite small around. 32D technically though it seems they don't make those, so I've always worn 34s on the smallest snap. I don't recall a time I was ever less than a B. I was that kid in like 3rd grade that needed a bra with actual support. Girls always picked on me. Boys never did.

Well recently I've discovered all my bras are rather uncomfortable, and I think I may have gone up to a DD. This... kind of breaks my heart. I have just finally come to grips with it all. The snide comments, boys throwing things down my shirts, clothes never fitting, shoving money down my shirts, the "accidental" brush...

But ever since one boy jabbed me in the boob with his mute to watch it jiggle (I play the trumpet, mute's formed to fit into the bell, boys make dildo jokes) I've just...

It's been a rollercoaster. My boyfriend mentions now and again when people say things and it pisses him off but he's a lover. He asks me if I want him to do something but its so against him I could never be like YEAH KICK HIS ASS hah, I'd feel awful. He says I need to put my foot down, stop joking around, and really tell them to stop it.

But I guess I just don't know how. Its hard to tell when my guy friends are joking or not and its so much easier to just laugh with them than say something... but it really does a number I guess. I hate feeling like an object.

My more sensitive guy friend feels bad but he's like, boys will be boys. He told me I have a nice body and I should get used to it. :P And I get that and I totally understand I mean I stare at boys too haha it happens its just. The extra stuff. It really bugs me. And I'm already self-concious, pointing it out doesnt make me feel any better.

So I guess what I'm asking really is, how do you lovely girls deal with it all? :(

And where could I possibly go about finding inexpensive bras in such high sizes that are actually kind of cute? It took me so long to find okay bras that were a D cup, and now... I've never even seen a DD cup bra at the store. I feel so lost. And I don't have a whole ton of money, my part-time job buys gas and the rest I put away usually.

Thanks girls, sorry its so long.
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