misssockpuppet (misssockpuppet) wrote in vaginapagina,

hysteroscopy frustration

so i go into the doctor's office, prepared for my hysteroscopy...
the nurse comes in, gets me undressed, yadda yadda.
the doctor comes in, this is not my usual gyn, so she introduced herself, asked if i knew why i was there.
she told me that when they sent me a letter saying my endometrial lining was "irregular and thickened" , they obviously didn't look at much. it was built up to 9 mm, and she said that's normal, but my usual gyn got results from the ultrasound tech that it was irregular. then my usual gyn told me that the lining was irregular because it seemed that things were growing on it, and it wasn't smooth.
so this doctor (ill refer to her as dr A, who is the one who was going to do the hysteroscopy) thought everything was a ton of bullshit. she said 9 mm is not thickened, and she didn't know about irregularity, but said she found no need to do a hysteroscopy just yet. so instead, she offered me a pelvic ultrasound to see the results now (because the first ultrasound was done after a 3 mth period on seasonique, so im sure it was irregular due to that). when they first took some pictures, it looked irregular, but as i relaxed, she said it looked almost completely normal.
so i went home, and i'm scheduled for another ultrasound in a few months while i try this new birth control i'm on.

do you think that the second doctor would've continued with the hysteroscopy if she had concerns? she said she loves doing them and is very good at it, but she wouldn't want to put me through that pain unless something screamed CONCERN to her. so while im comfortable with that decision, i still have the "what if" side in my mind.

what do you vpers think?
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