dehaywardati (dehaywardati) wrote in vaginapagina,

Can yeast infection cause cracks where labia majora split?

I am coming off antibiotics and treating a yeast infection (my very first! lucky me) they caused. My last day of Monistat was three days ago, but the infection was so bad my doc had me take the oral treatment Fluconozale yesterday (the day after my last antibiotic pill) as well. I no longer have any discharge, itching, or burning, but for the last 48 hours, the very top of my vulva has been driving me crazy whenever wiping after using the restroom.

It felt like I have a case of athlete's foot there. I investigated with a mirror, and I can see two red, inflamed cracks/tears in the skin, about 1/3 inch long at the very top of my slit/rima pudendi. They look to be deeper than the first layer of skin, similar to how athlete's foot will often "eat through" the first layer of skin between your toes. The cracks run "dorsoventral", that is, parallel to the ground, from the external vulvar skin to the fatty pad of flesh that ends just above the clitoral hood.

I haven't had sex in more than a week, I've been very gentle with the entire area, and yet, because this is my first yeast infection, I have no idea if this is a typical occurrence with them. Can I treat with Lotrimin? Or should I head back to the doctor?

Thank you.

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