misssockpuppet (misssockpuppet) wrote in vaginapagina,

in-office hysteroscopy

so, tomorrow is my big day, and i can't sleep. i'm terrified! i'm reading horror stories online. i'm having a hysteroscopy because they saw some abnormalities (presumed polyps) on my ultrasound in my uterus. the doctor told me an in-office hysteroscopy would be better, and i hate anesthesia when i don't need it, so i agreed.
so tomorrow i've got this:
my moms hand to hold when i'm in there
some motrin for right before i go in (i heard a half an hr-an hr before?)
.5 milligram of ativan that i take for an anxiety disorder
and a whole lot of hope.

what should i expect? i know it's only a 3 minute procedure once they get in there, so are these horror stories of gut wrenching pain real? the only part that scares me is the saline injection. i have a sensitive lady, so i'm scared i'll lose it. papsmears have hurt before, but usually because of the circumstances i get them under. i'm just praying this all goes smoothly, for i am scared (sorry) shitless.
any reassurance/kind words could go a mile for me right now.
i'll update again once it's over <3
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