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Worrying Growth on Labia

Good (very early) morning, y'all.

This is my first post, but I'm not really sure how to state that in a creative way, so I'll just dive straight in to my problem.

A day or two ago, my inner labia starting burning. I figured it was the heat + humidity + me moving around too much, so I put some Desitin on it and it immediately felt better. This evening I was taking a shower and rinsing down there when it really started to hurt. Once out of the shower, I checked in the mirror and found what appeared to be a thin, red rash with small, elliptical, white pustules (or what look like pustules) along the top. The skin is puckered a little near the edges of the rash and feels slightly rough to the touch. I've been googling those symptoms, but can't find anything to match. It's not horribly painful, just vaguely burning and sensitive when touched. If I sit still I hardly feel it.

I'm not sexually active and haven't been doing anything that would aggravate that area. I'm not on any medication and haven't changed my hygiene habits recently. Is this benign or something I should be worried about?

Edited to add: the growth is only on one side of the labia, but the Desitin went on both sides, so I doubt it's a reaction to the ointment
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