meowhimeow (meowhimeow) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yeast infection? General vag worries..

 I'm concerned I may have a yeast infection and if that's not it, then what may be the cause..

As of lately i've been getting a lot of white ish discharge stuff on my vulva, my lips basically. I'm not sure what it is...if it's smegma ? or i've actually wondered if it's toilet paper from wiping. But, I'll take a shower and it might be there in the morning, so i haven't really figured it out. 

other thoughts to have a yeast infection is my discharge has been really thick and white. Like i've read on here before that it's normal, and I am familiar with my ovulation discharge and what mine is like. But this is real paste like, a bit thick. And it's not like coming out, but if I insert my fingers inside and pull them's all over. I don't like it. 

Now, my diet has changed a lot lately. I haven't been eating much at all actually due to being on Ritalin- it kills my appetite. And i've been under a lot of stress. I don't know if that could have effect on it, but I know it can for an oral yeast infection which I might have also...again.

One more thing on this subject, also when I insert my fingers, as of like the last two times, theres been brownish gooey stuff, like old period blood? but it's not close to my period. last period was really odd..a bit heavy and lasted for almost a week. Towards the last two days I had a lot of really dark brown..discharge? I know it's old blood n whatnot, but i've never had it like that. I asked my mother and she said it was probably due to the immense amount of stress i've been under so it's effecting my cycle.

Any thoughts and input what it might be, normal or not? Thank you :]

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