estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pap smear confusion

I'm so confused right now. Basically, I went for my first pap smear at 21, 3.5 years ago. It came back 'unsatisfactory' due to contamination with discharge, so did the next one, so as a precaution I was referred for a colpo. That found a slight white area upon application of that stuff they apply, and I was told I had mild abnormal changes on my cervix. They took a pap smear and that came back normal. Rinse and repeat 4 times. Each time I went for a colpo, there was a white spot, and each time my smear came back normal. I know that pap smears aren't always accurate, but FIVE TIMES? Along with the 2 other times I had a smear taken by my GP and it also coming back normal?

So I slept with my new boyfriend last April and then in October, my pap smear came back 'borderline changes'. I repeated it last month and it came back CIN 1. I went for a colpo and there is still an abnormal looking spot there. What is going on? Perhaps I never did have HPV and just got it from my new boyfriend (I would be furious if this were the case as I was refused the HPV vaccine on the basis that I already had HPV)? The doctor seems to think the abnormal cells just keep coming and going but isn't it weird to have 7 normal paps in a row if you have CIN 1? Or am I overreacting?

EDIT - The doc did a HPV test this time, she said to find out whether the abnormal cells on my cervix were caused by HPV. What else could cause them? I was under the impression that the abnormalities they saw during the colpo and abnormal paps definitely indicated HPV?
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