pianese (pianese) wrote in vaginapagina,

I don't really want to go to the doctor if i dont have to...well I'd be going to the local health dept, and they're no help anyways..so i'll ask here. I know this may be somewhat confusing or hard to read, i apologize in advanced.

my period has been really screwy for the past few months. I was on birth control for about a year, but stopped taking it last may. anyways,i got my period feb. 1st. it was about a week early if i remember correctly. Then i didnt get it until april march 13th. I had had sex the night before or that morning, and i suppose thats what had brought it on. I had very severe cramping for some reason after the sex, but the sex itself wasnt any rougher or deeper than normal. After that, my period has come exactly 20 days later, the next 3 times. On april 2 &22, and today.

Normally, my period lasts for 8ish days, cramping the first day. it usually starts off heavy and gets heavier then fades away. But now, ive noticed its very light spotting the first 2 days and then gets very heavy..but it only lasts about 5 days. Also, it came about ever 30-35 days.

I don't know what is up with it. Is it normal for it to get on a different track? or do you think something is seriously wrong and i need to get checked out asap?

maybe unrelated, but ive noticed the past couple of weeks ive been really moody, but i have also been super stressed out. [i havent been stressed out constantly though, just a few days at a time.]

Again, I'm sorry this is so jumbled up, and my grammer is horrible. any comments would be very much appreciated. thanks.
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