You are getting into something good. (peachycream) wrote in vaginapagina,
You are getting into something good.

uterine infection

Has anyone had this before? The problems started around the end of 2005/ beginning of 2006 when my doctor put me on birth control for acne. I developed an unusual discharge, but didn't think much of it. A few months later I got checked out and had bacterial vaginosis. Well, I was treated for three years multiple ways and with different antibiotics, and nothing worked. I also saw three other doctors and no one took me seriously... just prescribed medicine and moved on. Well, about a year ago I developed flu-like symptoms that would come and go. Somedays I wouldn't be able to get out of bed, and after a while, I would be completely fine. After a few months, I developed a very high fever and was extremely sick. The doctor did blood work and just gave me oral antibiotics. It happened again shortly after and took a urine (she did not give me antiseptic wipes) and said I had a severe bladder infection. So, every time I felt flu-like symptoms, I would go in and get a bladder test which my doctor would say was severe, and give me more antibiotics. Well, I went to another gyno and when she took my urine, she said it was fine. She asked if I had been using wipes before I gave the samples and I said no. She told me it was probably bacteria from my vagina but I needed an ultra sound. However, when she took a swab I was just starting my period so nothing showed up and she blew me off. All this time I thought I had bladder issues and I didn't. I am SO sick, and I am in Houston Texas taking care of my dad while he gets treated for cancer and MD Anderson. I have no insurance and don't know where I need to go or how I need to get treated. I went to the emergency room the other night because it got so bad, but they said they couldn't do anything... they just ruled out a bladder infection.

I'm really scared it's already in my blood and I'm going to die or something!
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