Story of my life. (herloved_beauty) wrote in vaginapagina,
Story of my life.

antibiotic interaction?

hey guys! i currently have a double ear infection, and my doctor put me on azithromycin (generic for zithromax). i was wondering if there was any issues concerning my bc pills? my doctor gave the generic 'most antibios affect bc pills' (which apparently isn't true anymore?) and the notes on the package itself say nothing about causing a drop in effectiveness.

my issue is that my bf and i ONLY use my bc pills as contraception. we're both STI/D-free, and i take them so dilligently that we aren't worried about that 0.01%. My issue is that I can't use condoms as back up, and I really don't like for him to pull out, but obviously he will if he has to.

So that's pretty much my question - am I safe? Or should I use backup just in case?
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