Sydney (sleepy_tears7) wrote in vaginapagina,

Weight loss on HBC

I tried to look through the tags, but it wasn't giving me any answers.

Years ago, I was on Depo Provera for six months (two shots), and it really messed me up. I lost 30lbs in 2 months, my hair fell out, I would just fall over, I was mentally not okay... And the side effects lasted for months and months after my second (and last) shot.

For several years, I went HBC free. I had a child, and was back up to a normal weight, after not being able to gain any weight until I was pregnant.

I decided I wanted to give HBC a try again. After speaking with the OBGYN we decided to put me on Ortho-Tricyclen Lo (Which I was on before the Depo, and didn't seem to have any problems, or rather, any that I can remember).

So, I have been on it for 3 weeks, I am currently on my "period" week. In the last month, I have lost somewhere between 8-10 lbs. During week 1, I am okay. Week 2 is HELL, I feel sick, I feel awful, I have a ton of panic attacks, and it's just all around not fun for me. Week three is not as good as week 1, but nowhere near the hell that I get from week 3. This is my off week, Day 2, and I am SO incredibly moody and hormonal. I hate it. I am a raging bitch, and sad, and ugh. And, I haven't gotten any blood, just a few yellow-ish spots that started day 7 of week 3.

Any suggestions or ideas? When do I become concerned about the weight-loss? I feel like part of the problem with that is, I recently started smoking again (I know, BAD!), and my caffeine intake has greatly upped, so I'm not sure if the lack of hunger that I'm feeling is due to the HBC or the other factors as well.

Also, its POSSIBLE that I'm pregnant, but not likely. We were using backup method until Day 1 of Week 3, and I don't feel pregnant, nor do I THINK I am, but I am concerned by the lack of blood in my "period". I do know, that with HBC that is normal, especially when you first start, but what do you guys think? Some of you on here know a lot more than I do, and I would appreciate some feedback.

If it helps, whenever my sister goes on HBC, she loses weight as well. She has thyroid issues, and has to be on synthroid, and has to take HBC if she wants a regular period. Is it normal to lose weight on BC?

Sorry about how long this is, but I wanted to provide as much info as possible. Thanks Guys!
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