flutterbye29 (flutterbye29) wrote in vaginapagina,


ok so basically, no matter what i do, take, wash with, i continuously get thrush after sex. i don't know what to do anymore, i'm taking a low dose of diflazole when i have sex, and i still get it. does anybody have any idea what the F*** could be wrong with me, it makes me so depressed, i almost think what is even the point in anything anymore, i mean, my partner and i have an amazing sex life, an amazing relationship throughout, and then this...how and why do most women not have this issue? or rather why is happening to me? i know im probably sounding really childish, but i literally feel like life hates me. anybody have any suggestions as to who i could go to? any thrush specialists? i'm so unmotivated for anything, i feel like an utter and complete freak. please please please. :(
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