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I have a hypothesis!

You see, I was born with a retroverted uterus.  This means that the uterus, instead of leaning forward, leans back towards the spine.  I was wondering how this was possible, so I looked for diagrams on the 'net:

I realized something.  The reverse position of the uterus creates a sac in the anterior fornix instead of the usual sac in the posterior fornix--where the a-spot is located.  See how small this is in a female with a normal uterus:

Interestingly enough, I am capable of orgasming vaginally, and in fact practically all of my orgasms have come through stimulation of the a-spot.  Most women cannot orgasm vaginally, and I suspect this may be because the a-spot is sensitive mostly to pressure, and the position of their cervix makes stimulation of this area difficult during intercourse.

From what I have read, around 28% of women have reported being capable of orgasming vaginally.  Also, there is a similar percentage--around 20%--of women with a retroverted uterus.

Now, the idea that I propose it this: is it possible that having a retroverted uterus makes vaginal orgasm more likely?
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