I defy your paltry labels (chocklit_frog) wrote in vaginapagina,
I defy your paltry labels

At my wit's end with HBC

Hello all! First post :)

I've been on Alesse, Diane-35, Yaz and Yasmin, all within the past year and a half. All have given me side effects I'm not willing to put up with, from migraines to weight gain to, I have reason to believe, fainting spells and irregularities in heartbeat. On the latest, Yasmin, I've had absolutely ridiculous mood swings where I go from perfectly cheerful to crying multiple times a day for miniscule reasons, and have random bouts of rage.

All these side effects range from annoying to really scary, obviously. The emotional effects (mood swings) have reached the point where I absolutely don't feel like myself, and it's causing me a lot of worry. I'm always second-guessing my emotional responses to things, feeling guilty about getting angry or emotional because I can't tell if it's valid, and so on. Even my bf has noticed the change in me (he's being really supportive about switching methods of BC).

I really want to try a non-hormonal method, because they seem to affect me badly. The thing is, I don't trust condoms as a sole method, and don't enjoy using them anyway. The only thing I think I would trust enough is an IUD. However I'm only 20, nulliparous, and scared of things going wrong with it. My mom told me about hers being expelled and having ectopic pregnancies - and this was after two kids! I know the risk of expulsion is higher before having had kids. I'm also really scared of the pain of having it put in and adjusting to it, probably irrational but I'm one of those people for who pap smears/ pelvic exams reeeally hurt and I get lots of anxiety over. Also, as a minor less important point, I've just started using the Divacup and really like it, and it would suck to have to stop using it.

So, I guess the point of expresing all that frustration was to ask about general advice regarding non-hormonal methods that might work for me. Also, maybe some encouragement for getting an IUD. :) I like the idea for many reasons, but it really really scares me.

Thanks for listening!
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