CJ (invertedtime) wrote in vaginapagina,

I hope this is considered relevant

I have 2 questions:

I have a habit of whenever I give my boyfriend a blow job washing my hands with soap and cold water and waiting a while (around 15-20 minutes) before doing anything that would bring my hands in contact with my vagina. For some reason today I can't shake the fear of getting pregnant through this behavior.

I use the ortho evra patch, and I always change it Tuesday or Wednesday (which my doctor said wouldn't cause the hormones to fluctuate enough to raise the risk of pregnancy). The risk of my hands coming into any significant amount of sperm at all is very low and then I wash them. Is there any significant risk I could have made myself pregnant this way? I have high anxiety issues and hearing someone else's opinion on this would be a lot of help in getting my brain to calm down and let me study for my final :P.

I have one other question about the ortho evra patch

Does anyone else get ill when they're in the off week? For the past several months I've been fighting nausea and coughing up tons of mucus, something that only seems to happen when I'm off the patch. Is this normal for anyone else? It's very aggravating.

Thank you. Any thoughts on either of these question would be very much appreciated.
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