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The insurance blues about a colposcopy... help!

Hey, fellow superstars. You've always helped me when I'm down and out about my ladybits... and this is definitely one of those times!

A few weeks ago I went to my NYC gynocologist. I had my pap done as usual, with no comments, no anything out of the ordinary during the procedure. But afterwards, I noticed I was bleeding. Not super-heavy, but steadily, which had never happened before.

I received a call this week from their staff that my pap was "inconclusive" and that I should have a colposcopy done next week. I was a bit confused that they would jump straight to this, since I've had no problems with my pap before, have had the Gardasil shots, and the same partner for 3 years. But I said fine and scheduled the appointment, then put in a call to my insurance, Aetna, to find out my coverage. Well, I just heard back and they said they would not cover the procedure, only the visit itself. The rest would be applied to my deductible. From estimates online, testing with possible biopsies would run anywhere from $500-$1K -- I was unemployed last year and only brought in like, 18K gross for the year. I flat out can't afford that right now.

My thought is to cancel the procedure at the NYC doctor's who, despite being great, is likely going to charge Manhattanite prices -- and go to a Planned Parenthood in NJ, near my boyfriend's, I could possibly ask them to re-pap me first, then see if I really need the colposcopy, or just have them do the colposcopy. I know they'd be easier to work with on a sliding scale based on my income, right?

Any thoughts would be appreciated, as I'm a little concerned... and a lot broke. :)
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