suddenlysecret (suddenlysecret) wrote in vaginapagina,

painful papsmear

Allrighty! I went to the doctor at my university today for a papsmear. I was worried that I had BV for a while, so I figured a pap would clear up my concerns.
The doctor was really nice and all, but the pap really hurt. This is my second one and my first was 3-4 years ago, and I only remember it feeling really uncomfortable, but not hurting. The speculum hurt a little on insertion but it was that scrapey thing they do that really hurt :(
She asked me if my period was due midway through, and I said well I'm like in the middle of a pack of pill so... no not really. Turned out I was bleeding? She told me that sometimes the cervix can get bumped and that sometimes that combined with being close to my period (which... I wasn't) could cause it.
I could still feel pain where the scraping was done for a couple of hours after the pap, it actually made me cry as I was walking home.
Is this usual or should I be worried? She also told me I might need to get it redone because of the blood which just makes me go oh hell no :( if I do need another I'll wait for my holidays and get it from my family doctor in my hometown.
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