colour_my_w0rld (colour_my_w0rld) wrote in vaginapagina,

itchy vagina problem


so I've had yeast infections before and I felt like I was getting one, so I started to put acidiphilus capsules into my vag to treat it. I put in one yesterday and three today. I feel like it's gotten worse and it looks like its gotten worse, but I can't tell if the discharge coming out of it is really clumpy and yellowish because of the yeast infection or because of the acidophilus treatment method. I can't tell if it smells like yeast or acidophilus, so I don't know what to think.

How would I know if the acidophilus capsule treatment is working? How long does this method usually take to cure it?

If it's not a yeast infection, what might it be? I don't think it's BV, but trichomoniasis might be a possibility. Thoughts?
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