Jess (moshfloorkiller) wrote in vaginapagina,

barium enema

not entirely vagina related, i do apologize!

at the end of the month (the 28th to be exact) i will be getting a barium enema done to (hopefully) diagnose some lower stomach pains i've been suffering from for a few years now.
while i'm looking forward to hopefully getting my stomach issues figured out from this test, i am completely and totally terrified.

i sort of know what's involved. i've never had anything of this type done to me before, though and was hoping for some personal experiences/encouragement.

in case it's relevant:
i've had anal sex only a few times before and not recently. the most "action" my anus as seen in recent times is my fiance's fingers (max 2) so i'm not 100% new to things being inserted into my anus. i know that any insertion is basically going to feel like making a bowel movement, it's just the barium that is freaking me out.
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