green_cake (green_cake) wrote in vaginapagina,

pubic hair colour change?

I've had a hollywood wax two times now and I've noticed the colour of my pubic hair has changed! It used to be brown, not a very dark brown but somewhere in the middle.'s blonde! I'm sure it's nothing to be concerned about but thought that was quite strange, could it be because the hair is growing in finer? The hair under my armpits and on my legs is darkish but my natural hair colour is mouse brown and I have a very fair skintone.

Related to waxing...this may be a stupid question so apologies if it is. I don't have enough pubic hair to get another wax done yet, but will be seeing my boyfriend this weekend so I plan on shaving the hair that's there. Will this cause the hair to grow back more coarse, again? It's growing in very fine at the moment and it's a pain in the ass to shave it now but I really prefer to not have hair down there. Thanks everyone!
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