Ksenia (pinkstiletto510) wrote in vaginapagina,

overall ickies

So, the last couple days I've been feeling overall icky- Bad headache, dizziness and nausea. Normally I'd just say the nausea was part of the headache but I've never really been a headache gal. Also, my boyfriend and I have a great sex life but lately I've been a little lazy with taking my pill exactly on time.

How time sensitive would you say the Pill is? (I'm on Ocella, generic Yasmin if it makes a dif.) I've been late in taking it up to 4 hours lately. Except for last night when I forgot and took it this morning (6am, I'm normally supposed to take it at 10:30pm) but there was no sex last night.

Me being on the pill is our only BC method...we live together, are serious, and have discussed what we might do if by chance I do get preggers.

I might just be jumping to conclusions but I just found out an ex-co-worker of mine just got preggers, which seems young to me (we're the same age) I just tend to worry.
I've also just started a new job on Monday after being unemployed for 3 months, it could just be the change in schedule maybe?

But the headache is bad, the nausea seems to worsen and the worst of my dizziniess happened while I was driving home today (scary)

any ideas ladies? thank you

*EDIT: One more thing to note, I've been continuously taking the pill for 3 or 4 months now and skipping periods
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