Jady Arewar (arewar) wrote in vaginapagina,
Jady Arewar

Early Period due to diet?


I started a diet about 2-3 weeks ago and have lost six pounds so far. I've been excising a lot, cut my calories at least a third (range is in 1300-1650), and am drinking more water.

Everything I've read says that it's possible my period could stop due to the drastic change, but apparently the opposite has happened.

I'm on birth control and have been for two years with no problems. I have my period 3 times a year, every 4 months. My last period was 2 months ago, and now I am spotting a little.

I hate having my period, but I'm not sure if I should just stop my BC and have one right now, or keep taking it and hope that it goes away?
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