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PCOS? In my system? It's more likely than you think.

Well it is. :D

Yesterday, during my visit to the Endocrinologist, he informed me that I might very likely have PCOS based on my symptoms (hirsutism, acne, irregular periods). We didn't get to heavy into talking about it because most of the time was spent trying to track down lab results that should've been sent to his office weeks ago, so I figured I'd hit up VP to learn more about it. I'd go to wikipedia but some of the things on there can be false.I'm still in the testing phase but all signs point to PCOS thus far.

So what do I have to look forward to with PCOS? Will this condition become worse with time or stay the same? 

He also prescribed me Ortho TriCyclen to help with the acne and hirsutism. My mother is strongly opposed to this believing that the birth control will build up in my system and cause me to have a blood clot or a stroke. I told her I was doing it anyways because I'd have to try. Plus she's not the one who has to shave every morning before school. But will it build up in my system over time or is that a myth? I know birth control itself is a risk to take but a small one and I don't smoke so I'm not elevating my chances.

Can I combat weight gain from the PCOS with exercise and proper eating? Or is that out of my control? He also mentioned testing me for blood sugar levels as PCOS can lead to insulin resistance, so should I stop eating sugary things? 


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