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The care and keeping of this vagina


I have been lurking around for a bit and I have a few questions that I wasn't able to find straight answers to. I figured i'd condense them all into one post. 

1. So I've been on HBC since October with no real issues. I have never missed a pill and I have never had any real scares. I take my pill when I wake up, unfortunately as a college student that time has about a 2-3 hour range. So my question is this: How big of a time window do you have to take the pill? (I am on Valivet (a generic brand im assuming) that contains desogestrel and ethinyl estradiol. This is my only form of BC, no condoms or pulling out. 

2. Shaving, I currently shave the top, easy to reach bit of my pubes. I want to go further (just to see if i like it) but i've been too afraid. I have a bit of hair that grows from the inside (just barely) of my labia majora. I have always assumed that it was unshavable but recent lurking (here) has made me think otherwise. But i cant get past the thought of the inside of labia majora bit being extremely pokey and uncomfortable as it grows back. Is it? Should I go for it and see how it goes? 

3. So my BF and I have a good sex life, and every so often he comes up with something new he wants to try. Sometimes i'm comfortable with it and we go ahead, other's im not, and I tell him, and we dont do whatever it is. My problem is that whenever i tell him i dont want to do something he feels guilty and scummy for even suggesting it. How can i turn him down without making him feel guilty? I always explain to him that there is nothing wrong with asking or wanting these things and that i dont think less of him. He has had issues with anxiety and depression and he gets down on himself pretty easily. I do like to try new things, and issues like this don't come up often, but when they do it ends up being quite stressful for the both of up =( 
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