Goat Friends (frolicnaked) wrote in vaginapagina,
Goat Friends

Endometrial Ablation & Essure Questions

I talked to my doc today about endometrial ablation (to manage adenomyosis/menorrhagia/anemia) and Essure sterilization, and I'm seriously considering the combination as my next best menstrual management option. I'm still sorting out everything in my head, so a couple of random disorganized questions (with possibly more to be edited in).

1) Can anyone comment on any kind of meaningful differences -- in terms of effectiveness, side effects, and suitable patient characteristics -- between NovaSure (which is what both of our tagged entries talk about) and Thermachoice (which is what my doctor uses)? I mean, I know one uses radiofrequency energy while the other uses heated fluid, but that doesn't tell me a whole lot about how a given procedure will actually affect me.

2) Can I have either of the procedures done if I have a septate uterus (I will not link you because my septum does not look like any of the pics I find)? My doctor didn't seem concerned, and it's not listed as a contraindication that I can find. However, for Thermachoice in particular, it seems like a septum could get in the way of the balloon inflating completely and thus the ablation being as totally effective as it could be.

Edit: I found this resource (also here in PDF) that discusses different types of endometrial ablation.
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