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Bleeding again two weeks after period

Last month my period was a bit strange. I actually posted about it here, but I can't find the post. Anyways, I didn't feel very period-y and it was a few days "late", and by late I mean I usually start fully bleeding by the 17th but last month I just spotted here and there from the 16th to about the 18th, I think..before I fully started bleeding. I stopped at or around the 23rd. Also, my bleeding was strange for me..it was watery/mucusy and it usually isn't.

Well, that was about two weeks ago and today I am cramping and I just went to the bathroom and I've got bright red blood! What gives?!

I'm not on BC, I am sexually active,not on anything except for hypothyroid meds and I do take Alli (diet pill).

Any ideas? I'm pretty weirded out right now.
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