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Judgmental doctor and HBC question.

First post of a long-time and appreciative of your knowledge lurker.

After an atypical pap result last fall, I was referred to a different gyno which happens to be the one my best friend goes to. She's delivered her kids and she really likes her. After my visit last week, I don't think she's for me.

First off, she asked if I was married. Which is fine, but no I am not. I'm in a long-term, committed relationship with my boyfriend. No, we do not use condoms. We are STI-free and as adults (nearly 30 year old adults at that!), I believe that is our choice to make. She must not have agreed, because THREE times in my ten minute visit she told me to say to him, "Where's my ring?!" How is that any of her business? She doesn't know our situation. Luckily we're both pretty easygoing, know our own timeline for marriage, so I could totally tease him about "where my ring" was. I just can't imagine if this was a sore subject for a woman though and she was poking at it with a stick, repeatedly. It's not her place to judge me, or anyone else, for not being married and still being in a sexual relationship. (She asked me if I needed to be tested for STD's and I told her no, I did not. I was tested for everything at the start of this relationship. Apparently though, she generally tests all unmarried women for chlamydia and gonorrhea at their yearly visit automatically, because you can't always trust men. Which I find offensive too.)

However, here is the real problem I need help with. I've been on Yasmin for nearly a year, and she refilled it for me last fall at my initial consult, but flat-out refused to do so again on Friday. Her reasoning? "Because what's on the TV. Surely you watch TV, don't you?" Of course I do. Of course I've heard all the complaining and worrying about Yaz/Yasmin. However, there's worries about everything these days. So for her to go just off the television commercials seems extreme to me. She said she was faxing in Tri-Sprintec for me, "It's cheaper! Don't you want to save money?" No, I'd rather not bleed after every time I have sex, thanks. Which I did when I started Yasmin. For almost four months. I finally adjusted and have had no problems since. But I'd rather not tempt fate and make a change right now, but I will if I have to.

(She did leave me the option of seeing whether or not my original doctor that referred me would be willing to prescribe the Yasmin, since she would not, and that's still on the table. I have a month and a half left of my current box, so I have a little wiggle room to decide. But she did make sure to tell me not to take both prescriptions at the same time since doubling up wouldn't just double my protection. Oh, thanks. I totally would have thought that was a swell idea to try if you hadn't stopped me just in time! WTF? After this visit from hell my boyfriend was totally for getting me a new doctor again. I must say, I think that's a great idea too, regardless of the fact that we're in a small area. A drive would be worth it at this point.)

However, all my complaining aside, can anyone give me any advise about switching from a monophasic to a triphasic pill? I don't know why she is trying to make me switch even the type of pill I've been taking, instead of moving me to a different monophasic pill. I've never been on anything other than Yasmin/Ocella, so I have no experience of how I would do on a triphasic pill, or any other monophasic pill for that matter. I know everybody reacts differently to different pills, but any insight on making the switch between them would be appreciated!
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