gracie_jones (gracie_jones) wrote in vaginapagina,

pregnancy question.

 This is really random so I hope it makes sense...

Last night my husband and I had sex--we practice the pullout method (have for almost a year now with no issues).  We were having PIV with him  behind me and when he came he pulled out and ejaculated mostly on the small of my back but some did get in between my butt and maybe in/near my labia minora. 

Anyway while we were cleaning up I had this crazy memory come to me---when I was in middle school a sex ed teacher told us that women could still get pregnant during anal sex because the semen could drip down from the anus into the the vagina...  

So of course it freaked me out b/c while we weren't have anal sex the semen obviously could still have "dripped" into my vagina...but is that really possible?  

Can you get pregnant if the semen is not ejaculated into the vagina?
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