x_inmyskin_x (x_inmyskin_x) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sensitive Cervix

What could one have if there cervix is ultra sensitive. I can feel what I think is my cervix. And when I say feel I mean that my body can feel it. My fingers can feel it to but that's beside the point. I want to know what could be going on inside me. I don't have any signs of warts, ulcers, herpes, etc so what could this be? I am sexually active with my boy-friend and when the deed is done I just go to the rest-room to wipe myself down there. Am I collecting an infection that is building up inside my cervix? My cervix never TRULY hurts but around my period it can be a bit uncomfortable. When I stand up or turn a certain way I get a sharp "pain" really instantly but it goes away. IT's so quick I don't know if I would consider it painful. It's so sudden. I am a little worried. I planned a yearly check up at Planned Parenthood for next Monday but I am afraid they won't have answers to my questions. Will someone give me ideas of whats up with my cervix. I am pretty sure it is my cervix too.
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