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Creative Pubic Hair Styling

I'm relatively new to the whole pubic hair styling thing--I only started it when my bf and I started getting intimate.  I hadn't paid any attention down there at all, and asked him it it was too much.  He said he'd like it if I trimmed it.  So I did, with a pair of scissors.  Then later on, he suggested that he really liked the shaved look, but I was very opposed to this.  One day I decided to please him and I went ahead and did this.  I didn't like it at first, but once I shaved, I always got finicky about regrowth and kept shaving.  I also found it easier than the hassle of scissors.  Then I got awful red bumps from the line of hairs from my bellybutton downwards.  So I thought maybe I'd leave a landing strip or something.  But that was just so boring!  

I'm a girly girl and I like to add a personal touch to everything, so I decided I'd trim my hair into a heart shape.  What I did was at first I shaved it into a small triangle shape, then when it grew sufficiently, I used a small handheld trimmer ($9 at Walgreens) to create the heart shape and keep the area nice and trimmed.

I really enjoy my pubic hair and it's a source of pride for me now.  My bf thought at first that the idea was silly and it would distract him, but now he thinks it's cute.

I want to know what your experiences are with pubic hair styling and if any other people like to experiment with shapes, or maybe even colors! :3
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