Ana Gabrielle (seishukuhime) wrote in vaginapagina,
Ana Gabrielle

My Experience With Ortho-Tricyclen Lo

I was really scared to start HBC, and I know other women must be too, so I really want to share my personal experience.

I started taking hormonal birth control not because I wanted to, but because it was my only option.  My first experience with birth control other than condoms was actually with a copper IUD, because it's what my mom's had for 7 years and it's the only thing that's ever worked for, when my parents found out/I told them that I was having sex, they demanded that's what I get.  It lasted for a grand total of 2 months, since my uterus is so small that it almost immediately expelled, I just put off getting it removed for a long time.

So, I went to my college's family planning clinic and I'm on the last week of active pills for my first pack.  It's a pretty good deal, 3 packs for $15.  I was actually pretty scared of hormones at first, because of the side effects, and most importantly I was scared that it was going to kill my libido.  It wasn't so bad once I started though.  In all fairness, it did decrease my libido a bit, but I had a pretty powerful sexual drive to begin with.  I would say that what it really did was "cool down" my libido, since I still want it, but it's not the urgent, powerful need it used to be, so I won't freak out if I don't get any.  My boyfriend is actually really grateful for this, as my libido is higher than his at times.

The first week or so, my first side effect was actually a bit of nausea for 2 or 3 days, and a lot of gas.  I usually get gas before/during my period, but this was constant for a week or so.  Now, I no longer have gas, but I've developed some relatively bad acne (I usually only get a pimple or two before/during my period).  I suppose it will go away in a week or two, then I'll see what novel side effect I get then. ;)  I've also had slight cramps every now and then.  It seems to me that the side effects are basically the same as the ones I get because of my period.

I thought it could be pretty bad, hearing the stories that go around (my parents didn't want me to go on the pill because my mom had horrible side effects when she tried them like 10 years ago -rolls eyes-), but the side effects so far have been almost negligible, and the benefits greatly outweigh the inconvenience.  All in all a positive experience so far. :)

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