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Long distance relationship/Upset after masturbation

Hi there,

I checked in the memories, and did not find anything related to what I am looking for.

Anyways, I have a friend who is in a long term and semi long distance relationship with her boyfriend. He is currently in jail, so she does get to see him once a week for an hour, and they are able to talk on the phone a couple of times a week as well. They love each other greatly, and have a very healthy relationship (they started dating before he went to jail). Her boyfriend has been in jail for several months now, and is expected to be there until at least August. Obviously, this puts a huge strain on their sexual relationship. The jail he is in has very strict rules, and they're closely monitored during their visits. The two of them are not allowed to do much more than just hug and kiss. Seeing as they cannot sleep together, they naturally both masturbate. Unfortunately, for my friend, she has a lot of troubling emotions arise for her when she gets herself off. She seems to find herself crying, and very upset immediately afterwords. She has expressed to me that she feels that she gets so sad is because masturbation only makes her remember how much she longs for a sex life with her boyfriend, and it gives her a hopeless sort of feeling. Basically, the distance and strict restrictions put upon them has become very emotionally draining, and those feelings seem to seep out when she gets off. 
So, here I am, trying to help her out. She's my best friend, and it hurts me to see her upset like this. Do any of you have any suggestions/support/input? Have any of you been through a similar thing?
I did suggest that maybe she tries to masturbate while talking to her boyfriend on the phone, but she said that she has already tried that, and it did not make much of a difference.
I realize that there really are not a lot of things that she can do; it is not like she can change the rules of the jail, but I was hoping that there are people out there that have been through the same thing.
Thanks in advance!
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