mxmissileproof (mxmissileproof) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bikini wax

I have a question for you all about bikini waxes.  When they wax, what exactly do they wax?  I'm most concerned with how far they go on the.. edge I guess - where your vulva meets your thigh.  I have long dark pube-like hair that grows well onto my thighs.  Would I have to get a so called 1/2 leg wax for this?  Or would it be covered in a bikini wax?  I mean, I don't expect them to do my whole thigh, but it would be nice if they could do an area say, the width of my hand, on my inner thighs.  I don't need my entire thigh waxed, like the front or back or outside, just that part since I tend to get irritation there from shaving. 
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