secretstar07979 (secretstar07979) wrote in vaginapagina,

Can thrush cause slight bleeding after sex?

Hi people, I'm worried! I was diagnosed with thrush 4 weeks ago now, at the time I didn't realise I had it as I had no symptoms, they found it in a general pelvic exam.


About 2 weeks later the symptoms came out and I was itchy, burning, had a watery discharge etc. I treated the symptoms by using external cream and 1 of the oral tablets that is supposed to get rid of thrush in 1 dose.


Anyway, the symptoms have been gone for a week now so I assumed I was ok... However, every time I try to have sex I get a burning pain. Last night I ignored it and had sex anyway but when I went to the toilet after I noticed a tiny amount of pinky blood and I was sore... Will this still be the thrush even though my external symtoms have gone?


I know I don't have any sti's as that was what the pelvic exam was for. I did have a v.mildly abnormal smear 3 weeks ago, I'm scared that the pain is to do with this =(

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