Sorry I'm Late (sorry_im_late) wrote in vaginapagina,
Sorry I'm Late

Birth control questions.

Hi everyone. I'm hoping I get get some good feedback here.

I am 25 and have only ever used hormonal birth control once for about 5 months. I was on the NuvaRing and had some side effects with it (horrible breast tenderness, big sore pimples on my forehead and mood swings).

A few years have passed and my boyfriend and I have been just relying on condoms. Condoms irritate me so I've been thinking about trying BC again.

I am hesitant to do a oral pill because I can be forgetful about taking medicine. My gyn mentioned the patch or the shot. I have decided the shot isn't something I want to do. The patch seemed like an okay idea but I've read it's a very high dose of hormones. Is this true? Wouldn't that lead to more side effects?

What are some good low hormone options (even if it's pills)?
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