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Useless Clitorus (sex issues)

Hello, I'm new here so forgive me if this is too much info...

I have been sexually active for about a year now with one guy. Great guy! We're very close, he is a caring and tender person. I have the common problem of being unable to come to orgasm, which I hear a lot of woman suffer. That would be ok for me to deal with, (my boyfriend is barely consolable on that point, feels terribly guilty and "useless" no matter what I tell him) but my clitoris is equally unresponsive.

There is so much fuss about the clit. Its meant to contain all the unused penile nerve endings, but mine doesn't react at all. Oh sure, gets happy now and then (swells etc.) but I touch it? ...... Nothing. No sensation really. Feels a little bit nice, but only the way everything does during arousal. He tries so hard, lots of foreplay, gentle caresses, heaps of oral sex.... etc...  how can I look into those hopeful eyes and say I don't feel anything special from it?

Here's the curb ball though- I've had squirting orgasms. I hear people say they're really intense, but I don't find them that pleasurable. Nice of course! But they don't build up, they take a few seconds, then are finished. So... I'm just really confused. Left with this odd problem. No clitoral stimulation??? (and no orgasms except a strange intense squirting thing) Its not like I'm inexperienced or haven't tried enough. I've had a lot of masterbatory practise (NOT the clit, though I've certainly tried it) and lots of sex in the past year (hey, I'm young) and am very relaxed about everything, and love my partner. Even into a bit of rough play ;) Its hardly a shyness/ relaxation thing. I just do NOT get any feeling. I do take anti-depressants, but if anything they kill sex drive don't they? I have a very HEALTHY sex drive... and everything feels pleasurable down there in a general sense...

What do I tell him??? I can't exactly refer him to literature because every literature seems to espouse the clit as the MOST sensitive area! He'll really think he's useless then :(
He tends to take the blame for things that aren't his fault so I downplayed how useless the oral was for me.... HELP!!
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