The moon in her teeth and her medicine tongue (ex_luvlee) wrote in vaginapagina,
The moon in her teeth and her medicine tongue

Bacterial infection of fun :/

Hey, hi.
Basically I'm just looking for some feedback to see if anyone's had as much fun as I'm having. I understand that it's possible no one might know what's up, but I figure it's worth a shot. I am under the care of my gyno right now.
I thought I had a yeast infection and treated it with monistat 3. I had no funky discharge and no different smell, but I figured sometimes these things can be tricky.

I was starting to feel a little less uncomfortable and have had this on and off feeling of not itchy but like as if my skin is really incredibly dry around my vagina. It aches and almost feels like I have to pee (pressure).

So, I went to my gyno - got a culture and a pee test. My doctor said she couldn't really see anything but would take a culture just in case. That day I actually happened to feel fine.

I felt better after my appointment and had little to no discomfort for a few days. I called to get results and found out I was being prescribed an antibiotic for bacterial infection (they had trouble pronouncing it). I told my gyno, I feel fine - maybe this cleared up by itself? She agreed with me and told me not to treat it if I felt no discomfort what so ever.

Two days later and my vag is back to its not so intense, but minor uncomfortable state. I noticed some swelling on the outside and no so much of an ache on the inside. I also have my period. So, it's really fun trying to figure out what's going on by looks.

I just called my gyno - they said they would fill the prescription (for ampicillin), but BUT they seemed pretty like awkward about it. It was suggested my period could be causing some discomfort as well.

The only awkward thing is, this uncomfortable burning/ache doesn't last. It goes away and sometimes only lasts for about an hour.

If anyone has any similar experience I'd appreciate it. I know panicking about this isn't going to help either. I just wondered if I wasn't the only one shaking my fist at my lady bits going what are you doiiiiiiiiinnnng I love you, don't you love meeee?

Thank you <3
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